Managed Password Manager

Tired of flipping through pages and pages of written down passwords? Maybe you only use one password for everything despite knowing its not secure. Not only is it exhausting to remember passwords and flip through pages, lost password books can result in having to completely change accounts.

Introducing Nordpass the Password Manager service: We provide you with a simple solution that not only automatically creates passwords and stores them for later use, it automatically enters your login information on request so you barely have to lift a finger. Using the newest 256 bit encryption (a proven method that even google uses to protect their systems), you can rest assured your password is safe and you will only need to remember one password from now on.

Here are some things we can and can't do to make you feel more secure.

What we can do: 1. invite new users to create an account. 2. Grant you a one time recovery code if you lose your "Master Password" 3. Alert you when a password has been breached or found online.

What we cannot do: 1. See your passwords. 2. Change your passwords. 3. deny you access to your passwords. 4. Pretty much see anything you store on the Service.

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